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Band Members are volunteers

2022 - 2023 Season

Every band member makes a highly committed

and significant contribution.

Glenn Greet


Hailing from North Yorkshire, England, and growing up where brass banding was born, it wasn't long before Glenn picked up his first instrument.

Educated at Colchester Institute's School of Music under the leadership of former LSO trumpeter George Reynolds, Glenn has a rich background in brass banding that includes serving on solo horn with the Essex Police Band. He has performed at Buckingham Palace, The Royal Albert Hall, The Barbican, Westminster Abbey, and has participated in 18 overseas tours over the years.

A former British Police Officer himself and now a Human Resource Consultant, Glenn is the founder and first Musical Director of the NEBB.

Justin D. Powell


As a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Marine Corps, he has served in a law enforcement capacity for over 20 years. He holds a BA in Criminal Justice with a minor in Business Management and a Master’s Degree in Military Studies. For the last several years, he was stationed at Offutt Air Force Base with the United States Strategic Command.

Justin lives right here in Papillion, Nebraska with his wonderful family. In his spare time, you might see him and his family enjoying the outdoors in their travel trailer at any one of the many state parks throughout Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota.

Justin bw.jpg

Board of Directors

Lieutenant Colonel Justin Powell, Chairman  -  US Marine Corps, Retired.

Angie Cullan-Tompsett, Treasurer  -  CPA

Laura Greet, Secretary  -  Union Pacific Railroad

Marissa Chaney  -  Nebraska Medical Center

Laura McLaughlin  -  Chippy's Group of Companies

Glenn Greet, Executive & Musical Director (ex-officio / non-voting)

NEBB 2022 2023.jpg
Musical Director

Principal Cornet

Soprano Cornet

Solo Cornet

Solo Cornet

Solo Cornet

Repiano Cornet
2nd Cornet

3rd Cornet

3rd Cornet

Flugel Horn

Solo Horn

1st Horn

2nd Horn

2nd Horn

1st Baritone

1st Baritone

1st Trombone

2nd Trombone

2nd Trombone

Bass Trombone

Bass Trombone

Principal Euphonium



Principal Tuba

Eb Bass

Bb Bass

Bb Bass

Principal Percussion




Glenn Greet, MBA LRSM

Dr. Dan Thrower, DMUS

James Lund, MMUS

Michael Genslinger, MMUS

Jacob Borchardt, MMUS

Ben Aschoff, B.Sci.

Bob Lienemann

Carol Miller, MMUS

Jessica Haslett

Suzy Haslett, 4

Jim Woodland, M.Sci.

Doug Breiter, M.Ed.

Logan Schiermeyer

Laura Greet, 2
, Ed.S.

Lizzie Chamberlin

Matthew Sheppard, M.Ed.

Ethan Fuller

Dr. Randy Neuharth, Ed. D

Scott Coombs, 
 3, BMUS

Ben Coatney

Nicolas Spath, MMUS

Dr. Chris Erickson, MD

Forrest Griffith

Brad Millard, M.Ed.

Jason Baier, BMUS

Dr. Josh Calkin, 1, DMUS

Kaylee Moe, BMUS*

Chris MooreBMUS

Harlan Sayles, M.Sci.
Brad Weber, MMUS

Alex Albertson, BMUS Ed.

Lauren Calkin, BMUS

Logan Palumbo, B.Sci.*

Aiden Young
*in progress
1 Assistant Musical Director
2 Band Manager
3 Band Sergeant
4 Band Librarian
5 Band Quartermaster
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